Founded in January of 2019, Topiom is a registered trademark in the UK. The ultra young culture and innovative spirit is the drive behind our revolutionary approach as a company. Topiom’s pay off – is a genuine invitation to explore the better quality of life.


It’s time to connect with something greater than yourself. We’re on a mission to fuel a revolution of inner confidence, health and wellness. Hop on board the journey to mindfulness and reach that level of mobility you’ve been aiming for. Our mission, similar to yours, is derived from a challenge to push the fold, improve our wellbeing and discover the best we can be.

High-Caliber Principles Behind Our Products

High Efficiency is what we aim to help you achieve during your workouts. Environmentally Friendly describes our sustainable approach to using eco-friendly materials including the finest sustainable woods. Art & Technology combine to facilitate great aesthetics at high performance. Fine Workmanship is the result as the wooden frames are polished by hand to ensure perfection. Strict Quality Inspection insures that every product sold adheres to the highest quality standards.

Our Story

How many times have you thought about finding the passion of life through sweaty sports, but worry about the accompanying injuries? With that concern, Topiom is thus created to help you regain vigour. Focusing on quality, Topiom team is constantly reimaging, reinventing, and improving products. Whether it’s the addition of new hardwood or a tiny tweak in the design, Topiom is on a never-ending mission to innovate. Striving to cultivate a caring corporate culture, Topiom stays dedicated to a selfless mentality to serve our community. Topiom started a much-welcomed caring program, showing care to the elderly by companionship. With persistent care, Topiom will constantly launch new caring programs targeted at more broaden communities. Topiom symbolizes the belief that nothing is more important for bringing vitality to life than care and vigour.

Business Location

At present,Topiom’s sales and services cover the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the United States. In the future, we will expand the scope of our services to all parts of the world.