Recently, as we assist customers in getting the most out of their TOPIOM rowing machines, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide addressing common installation and maintenance issues. To better aid our customers, the TOPIOM team has also curated a series of instructional videos based on these issues. We hope that as TOPIOM members, you can resolve any questions or concerns through these videos.

Our main products consist of three models: the V2 Water Resistance Rowing Machine, Jupiter Water Resistance Rowing Machine, and Ridge Walking Treadmill. Since the treadmill is an integrated device that requires no assembly upon delivery and is relatively simple to use and maintain, we won’t delve into it in this blog.

First, let’s showcase some solutions to common installation and usage issues for the V2 Water Resistance Rowing Machine. A while back, our YouTube channel released an unboxing and installation video, which you can watch directly by clicking the link. In this video, you’ll have a visual guide through the entire installation process of the V2 Water Resistance Rowing Machine.

Additionally, while organizing the content for this blog, the TOPIOM team optimized all the disassembly and installation videos for various structures of the V2 Water Resistance Rowing Machine, totaling 15 tutorial videos. Interested users can access these videos by clicking this link to visit our YouTube homepage.

Upon viewing the homepage, you’ll find that the TOPIOM team has categorized the video content into several playlists: ‘How-To: Common Issues Resolved,’ ‘Buyer’s Showcase,’ ‘Newest Releases!,’ and the V2 disassembly and installation tutorial we recommended earlier. ‘Buyer’s Showcase’ features videos shot by customers or product experience ambassadors upon receiving our products. ‘Newest Releases!’ displays TOPIOM team’s latest product promotional videos. ‘How-To: Common Issues Resolved’ is the focal point of today’s blog, where we’ve compiled recent customer videos addressing product installation and usage. You can click on the relevant content based on your needs.

Jupiter Water Rowing Machine

V2 Indoor Rowing Machine

Simultaneously, TOPIOM will continue to monitor the ‘How-To: Common Issues Resolved’ playlist. Customers in need are encouraged to subscribe to TOPIOM YouTube channel. We hope you find the tutorial videos you need on our homepage. Improving our service quality is a top priority for the TOPIOM team, and we appreciate your support. If you have further questions, you can contact our support team at, and our dedicated customer support will reply promptly to address your concerns.

Stay tuned for regular and ongoing updates.

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