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Topiom Jupiter Water Rowing Machine

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18 reviews for Topiom Jupiter Water Rowing Machine

Based on 18 reviews
  1. Emily Johnson

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    Very ergonomic foot pedals, I believe this is one of the most outstanding changes compared to the V2.

  2. Noah Anderson

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    One of the standout features of the Jupiter rowing machine is its silent and smooth operation. I can work out without disturbing others in my household, and the fluid rowing motion feels natural. The sturdy construction and attention to detail make this rowing machine a standout choice for those who value a quiet and efficient workout experience.

  3. Benjamin Davis

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    In terms of appearance, it stands out from all the rowing machines on the market, and you can instantly feel its uniqueness. Especially, its height is very satisfying.

  4. Sarah Miller

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    My first rowing machine! Hopefully, it won’t disappoint me.

  5. Madison Brown

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    Absolutely loving my Jupiter rowing machine. It’s a fantastic workout, and I can feel the burn after each session. Compact and easy to store, making it a win-win for my home gym.

  6. Olivia Williams

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    I’ve been using the Jupiter rowing machine for the past few days, and I’m thoroughly impressed. The performance is exceptional, providing a smooth and natural rowing experience. The build quality is top-notch, making it a durable and reliable choice for my daily workouts. Highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts!

  7. Robert Davis

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    The fact that it’s virtually silent is a big plus, especially when I’m watching TV while rowing.

  8. Ethan Taylor

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    The compact design of the Jupiter rowing machine caught my attention, and I’m delighted with the results it delivers.

  9. Mary Johnson

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    The seat glides smoothly, and the footrests are adjustable for a comfortable fit. It’s like rowing in a tranquil lake – a fantastic piece of exercise equipment.

  10. William Wilson

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    The LCD display is intuitive, and the data it provides helps me keep track of my progress.

  11. Brooklyn James

    Image #1 from Brooklyn James
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    The water resistance is legit giving me those ‘on-the-lake’ vibes.

  12. Madison Grace

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    Just unboxed the Jupiter Water Rowing Machine and it’s a total fitness flex! The feel of rowing with water resistance is pure magic. And can we talk about the chic design? Fits right into my lifestyle! Row, row, row your way to gains! Let’s do this!

  13. Hudson Alexander

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    Total heart-eyes moment! is good!

  14. James Brown

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    The Jupiter Water Rowing Machine is an absolute work of art. I’m impressed with the attention to detail in the design. The water tank doesn’t just provide resistance; it adds a zen-like element to my workouts. It’s surprisingly quiet, making it perfect for early morning sessions. A great addition to my home gym.

  15. David Williams

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    The wooden frame not only looks stylish but also feels incredibly sturdy. The smooth gliding motion of the water resistance is like rowing on a real river. It’s a total-body workout that’s easy on the joints.

  16. sellnell (verified owner)

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    Received the rower after a long 3-month wait. It’s an upgrade from a TM-3 model so I know about rowing. The package after many Fed Ex delays and transfer shipment to several FedEx facilities all over the U.S. and was a mess! The box had been dropped and ripped apart, and they tried to repack patch it up, and did a lousy job. I had many conversations with Topiom but all they recommended is for me to fix it up myself and that they would send me replacements for any damaged parts.. I tried to assemble it but am worried about the machine’s lasting function.
    The machine should have been replaced by Topiom and the FexEx should should foot the bill – That’s why these shipments are insured, after all.
    The bottom line:
    Topiom has a quality line of products and I hope this one, once working, will add to that list. Time will tell – – However, the “3” rating is based on the time it took to receive the shipment (3 months), the condition in which it was received, and most of all, Topiom’s approach to replacing the mess that FedEx caused, and that I’ve been dealing with.

    I’ve sent them many jpg’s of the box as it was received. What I failed to send them was a pix of the zillions of Styrofoam bits and pieces and chucks of cardboard and cheap tape used to repair the damage that they caused.

    Steve Elliott

    • admin (store manager)

      We sincerely apologize for the unsatisfactory shopping experience you’ve had. We are actively communicating with the logistics company regarding the issues you’ve highlighted. Please install the Jupiter rowing machine normally. If there is any damage to the rowing machine, please feel free to contact us at support@topiom.com. We will be willing to provide you with replacement services for the damaged parts. We are committed to addressing and improving upon this situation. Thank you for your support and understanding of Topiom.

  17. Olivia Anderson

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    As someone who’s used both the first and second generations of the Topiom rowing machine, I have to say, the third generation has left me pleasantly surprised, even though it comes with a slightly higher price tag. In terms of looks, the wooden finish and overall design really set it apart from other rowing machines out there; it oozes sophistication! Using it feels much more comfortable, which allowing me to work out for longer periods. I’m already excited about their next release!

  18. Benjamin Murphy

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    I’ve eagerly anticipated this rowing machine since the pre-sale kicked off back in June. It finally arrived recently, and my wife has taken a liking to it, using the Jupiter for her daily workouts. That leaves me with no alternative but to stick with my trusty old V2 rowing machine.

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 7.02 x 1.87 x 2.03 ft
  • Weight: 89 lbs
  • Resistance Mechanism: Water resistance
  • Color: Black Walnut
  • Max User Weight: 400 lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Frame Material: Oak wood

Key Features

1. Oak wood frame for durability and longevity.

2. Second-generation design with smooth rotation, accurate electronic meter, transparent round water tank, and comfortable ergonomic seat.

3. Smooth, wear-resistant, and noiseless aluminum slide rail.

Innovative Improvements

1. Increased size to accommodate taller users.

2. Upgraded handle surface with leather hand-stitching for improved comfort and reduced hand abrasion.

3. Enhanced grip at the end of the slide for easy rowing machine maneuverability.

4. Larger wood volume (0.85 m³ for second generation, 1.35 m³ for third generation) for increased value.

5. 2° incline on slide rail to minimize knee injuries during the return stroke.

6. Raised seat height to 420mm (dining chair height) for better comfort and gliding experience.

7. Adjustable footrest width and angle to accommodate various body types.

3.0 Optimised version

Topiom is devoted to offering top-quality rowing machines that promote physical well-being and inspire a passion for rowing. Our founders, with diverse backgrounds, share a common goal of designing a machine that embodies excellence.

Our journey started when one of our founders experienced the joys of rowing and aimed to create a machine that truly delivered. Our team traveled globally to find the finest materials and craftsmen, experimented with various designs, and refined every detail to develop the high-performance, sleek product we offer today.

At Topiom, we passionately believe that exercise plays a crucial role in our lives, contributing to both physical well-being and personal growth. Our mission is to craft high-quality rowing machines that inspire a love for rowing and cater to diverse needs.

Our journey began when one of our founders, an avid rower, sought a machine that met his expectations. Dissatisfied with available options, he decided to create a rowing machine that truly excelled. Our team traveled the globe to source the finest materials and artisans, experimenting with various designs and refining every detail until we developed the high-performance, elegant product available today.

Topiom rowing machines are more than just fitness equipment; they symbolize a lifestyle centered on the pursuit of excellence. Our machines showcase exceptional design, unmatched performance, and an outstanding user experience, delivering the benefits of rowing to both body and mind.

Committed to continuous innovation and progress, our brand story embodies the relentless spirit of excellence. We believe our products will bring unparalleled joy and health while seamlessly integrating into your life.

In summary, if you’re searching for a top-notch rowing machine, look no further than Topiom. We’re confident our product will surpass your expectations and become an essential component of your fitness journey.

A: As this is a pre-order product, we need 30 days for production and 70 days for shipping after the pre-order period ends on May 31.  

A: Yes, you can return it. Within 14 days of receiving the delivery, we’ll cover the shipping fee if it’s due to the product’s quality issues. However, if it’s for other reasons, the shipping fee will need to be covered by you.

A: Due to the product’s size, it will be sent in two separate packages: one for the slide rail and one for the water tank assembly.

A: We can provide warranty service and replace the damaged parts for you. (You can send an email titled “Order Number – Pre-order Refund” to support@topiom.com)

A: Yes, the monitors we send have been tested successfully for Bluetooth connectivity. And it can also connect to Fitshow and Kinomap.

A: Yes, the product we send is made of oak wood.

A: We provide a water pump and other tools for easy draining and filling of the tank.

A: Our product is easy to install, and you can follow the instructions to install it yourself.

A: Use distilled water, or change tap water weekly. Clean the tank with a water purification tablet every 3-6 months.

A: No, it’s for cleaning purposes only. Use a water blueing agent if you want blue water.

A: The maximum stride length shouldn’t exceed 97cm, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 180kg.

A: Yes, you can contact us for a refund anytime.(You can send an email titled “Order Number – Pre-order Refund” to support@topiom.com)

A: Yes, but we don’t refund the deposit, only the final payment. This is because once you’ve paid the final payment, our product is already in production or in transit.

Pre-order event

All pre-ordered Jupiter rowing machines have been shipped!

We now have in-stock inventory available!

If you’re interested, you can purchase directly without waiting!

(Updated as of August 29th, 2023)

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 214 × 57 × 62 cm

Q & A

How many liters of water can go in the tank, and are there fill lines? Samuel asked on November 9, 2023

Rowing machine can accommodate 18 liters of water, not exceeding 19 liters. It comes with a water pump to help you fill the water tank. Please rest assured to place your order.

admin answered on November 13, 2023 store manager
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Is there a place to put a tablet on this? Darsi Axford asked on October 14, 2023

We have wooden mobile phone stands for sale in our store, if you want to place your computer, we recommend you buy a wooden mobile phone stand to use.

admin answered on November 13, 2023 store manager
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have there been modifications to the water tank and paddles on the Jupiter? Steve asked on July 19, 2023

Jupiter rowing machine, compared to the second-generation rowing machine, has mainly undergone improvements in its wooden structure to better conform to ergonomics.
The water tank of our rowing machine has gone through several experimental trials, fine-tuning it to achieve nearly perfect structure and proportions. Therefore, there haven't been significant modifications in this generation of the product.
However, it's worth mentioning that Jupiter's water tank features a gray transparent casing, which adds a touch of sophistication and aesthetics.
If you have any further suggestions for improvement, you can always reach out to us via our support@topiom email. Thank you for your support!

admin answered on July 20, 2023 store manager
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