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Topiom V2 Indoor Rowing Machine

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562 reviews for Topiom V2 Indoor Rowing Machine

Based on 562 reviews
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  1. Michael Nelson

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    Rowing on the Topiom machine feels like a dance. It’s a graceful yet powerful way to stay in shape.

  2. Daniel Mitchell

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    The Topiom rowing machine’s resistance levels allow me to push my limits and achieve new fitness milestones.

  3. David Turner

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    Rowing enthusiasts, rejoice! The Topiom machine takes the rowing experience to new heights.

  4. David Hayes

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    Effortless setup and a rewarding workout. The Topiom rower delivers on all fronts.

  5. Daniel Powell

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    The Topiom rowing machine has transformed my daily routine. I used to struggle to stay motivated with my workouts, but the engaging rowing experience has made exercise something I look forward to every day. The sleek design and interactive display make it a joy to use.

  6. Nicholas Harris

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    I’ve tried various cardio exercises over the years, but rowing on the Topiom machine has become my favorite by far. It engages both upper and lower body muscles, and the adjustable resistance keeps me challenged as I continue to improve my fitness level.

  7. Samuel Foster

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    This rower has revolutionized my cardio routine. The low-impact nature of rowing is gentle on my joints, yet the intensity of the workout leaves me drenched in sweat. It’s an excellent way to burn calories while sparing my knees from the impact of running.

  8. Jonathan Turner

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    The Topiom rowing machine seamlessly fits into my home gym setup. It’s a piece of art that adds a touch of sophistication to the room. Beyond its aesthetics, the functionality is outstanding. The interactive display guides me through different workouts, ensuring I stay on track to achieve my fitness goals.

  9. Daniel Nelson

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    This rowing machine has rekindled my love for rowing. The authentic feel of water rowing is uncanny, and it’s as if I’m back on the open water. The adjustable settings allow me to mimic various water conditions, providing a dynamic and engaging workout. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  10. Daniel Clark

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    I appreciate the built-in workout programs that challenge me and keep my routine from becoming monotonous. It’s like having a personal trainer.

  11. David Hernandez

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    I’ve tried other rowing machines, but the Topiom model stands out in terms of durability and sturdiness. It’s built to last.

  12. Ethan Johnson

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    I’ve been using the Topiom rowing machine for a few weeks now, and I can already feel the difference in my overall fitness. It’s a great addition to my home gym.

  13. Jonathan Jenkins

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    The rowing machine’s adjustable resistance levels keep me challenged and prevent workout plateaus.

  14. Patrick Patterson

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    The rowing machine’s handlebar height is adjustable, accommodating users of different heights comfortably.

  15. Benjamin Powell

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    The machine’s price is competitive, offering a high-quality product at a reasonable cost.

  16. Shannon Bailey

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    The foot pedals’ non-slip surface keeps my feet secure and prevents any accidental slips.

  17. Kimberly King

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    The handlebar’s grip texture provides a comfortable and secure hold during intense rowing sessions.

  18. Kevin Carter

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    The machine’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and select my preferred workout mode.

  19. Brittany Scott

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    The transportation wheels make it easy to move the machine around as needed.

  20. David Taylor

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    I’m impressed with the customer service; they promptly answered my questions and provided helpful guidance.

  21. Ashley Wilson

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    The machine’s water resistance system provides a realistic rowing experience, mimicking outdoor rowing.

  22. Emily Smith

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    The LCD display is easy to read, and the adjustable resistance levels make it perfect for all fitness levels.

  23. Warren B.

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    Shipment arrived in under 7 business days (UK), although first pack came 3 days earlier than the second. I was very pleased with the packing and was very happy with the quality of the components when unpacking, with everything contained in the two packs including a few extra screws contained in the pack. Assembling the whole rower was pretty easy and straightforwards, with all of the parts fitting together without issues. In operation, the rower is very smooth and works exactly like other such rowers avilable for 2-3 times the cost of this rower. The only minor gripe would be the computer, which is fairly basic with distance, calories, time, strokes per minute etc. A HRM might have been a good add-on but you can achieve this with a watch etc. these days so not end of the world stuff. Overall, I would recommend this rower for it’s quality, operation and looks. A good investment!

  24. Thomas Schmidt

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    The rowing machine cuts a fine figure at first glance, but on closer inspection you can see how unclean and cheap the processed plastic looks, the wood on my rowing machine has 2 different wood colors. After setting it up and rowing for the first time, the rowing machine makes strange noises, the rollers under the seat do not run clean and are really loud, the cable pull makes strange noises because plastic rubs against each other, the water tank starts to sound strange on the second day . On the whole, it is a cheek to sell the device for € 899 in Germany and in America for $ 699. After consulting customer service, I was offered a € 100 discount for the color difference, I still have no answer to my other emails with videos even though the device looks almost exactly like a WaterRower or a Skandika, all corners and edges have been spared and in no way justifies a price of 899 €. I wonder if the device is completely defective after 1 week if it gives up after only 1 use. I am disappointed and hope I can return the device because I bought it for the 21 day test. Absolutely no purchase recommendation!

  25. Rachelle B.

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    Great rowing machine

  26. Gary L.

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    Clearly a solid product that will last a long time. Great fun to use and Im feeling the health benefits already. Found it harder to put together than some other reviews as I think the instructions could be clearer. Also the screen is a bit lacking in functionality versus other rowers at this price. Overall, very happy with my purchase and would recommend.

  27. Peter C.

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    I ordered this rower on the 2 week trial. It arrived within a few days in 2 separate packages about 2 days apart from each other. Its made of sturdy hardwood and looks well built. I assembled it in about 20mins. Im 280lbs and it doesnt move at all when Im rowing. The pull is smooth and its a nice experience with the water swishing around. Its quite quiet too. The monitor functionality is ok. I feel that it could be better thought out though – more in line with for example, how the Concept rower monitor operates.
    The customer service received from Topiom has been first class. Alice in particular providing quick and friendly responses to any queries. I purchased the rower. Ive not been using it for very long but so far its great. A well built bit of kit that is nice to use. If youre looking for a rower I recommend that you give Topiom a try.

  28. Ben

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    Using the rower is a easy way to workout it was delivered quickly and easy to assemble. I chose the 2 week trial before payment. I had a problem with the sensor not reading correctly, customer service was quick to respond and sent me out a replacement monitor. Overall I am happy with the rower and would recommend.

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Rowing: A Low Impact, High-Result Workout

Rowing is a highly effective supplement to any fitness program. Its low-impact nature makes it gentle on your joints, promoting better recovery for subsequent workouts. Engaging a remarkable 84% of the body’s musculature, rowing surpasses other aerobic exercises in calorie burning. Unlike air-resistance rowers, notorious for their noise, or magnetic resistance rowers with their unnatural strokes, water rowing machines have emerged as a preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking a smooth and realistic experience.

Elegant Design, Solid Performance

With an increasing focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, wooden water rowing machines have gained popularity among those seeking both functionality and aesthetics. TOPIOM wooden water rowing machines stand out with their elegant finishing and sturdy structure, making them the top choice for health-conscious individuals.

Easy Assembly, Quick Setup

We understand the importance of convenience, and that’s why our rowing machines are designed to be 80% assembled upon delivery. You only need to allocate a mere 30 minutes for the final 20% assembly, and voila! Your rowing machine is ready for use.

Natural Beauty, Minor Imperfections

Please note that as wood is a natural material, slight color variations and occasional “bug eyes” may be present. If you have concerns about these characteristics, we advise you to reconsider your purchase.

Customer Support: We've Got You Covered

At TOPIOM, we take pride in being more than just a distributor. We are brand creators, dedicated to providing our valued customers with top-notch service and a WOW experience. We believe that purchasing a product goes beyond the tangible; it’s about buying into an idea and an experience. Our mission is to fuel a revolution of inner confidence, health, and wellness.

What We Offer: Unmatched Support and Warranty

We back our products with an industry-leading “up to 5 years warranty” service, ensuring your peace of mind. Should you encounter any issues, our topiom-proud “Quick & Professional” customer support team is here to assist you.


Choose TOPIOM wooden water rowing machine today, and embark on a journey of fitness, wellness, and unmatched support. Experience the difference in quality and service as we redefine what it means to be more than just a brand – we are your fitness partner, here to elevate your lifestyle. For any inquiries or assistance with the battery model of the monitor, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@topiom.com.

Weight35 kg
Dimensions216 × 56 × 51 cm

Brown Dark, Dark, Golden Walnut, Natural, Natural Oak Wood, Nature beech wood, Walnut, Zebrano

Q & A

Is there a video showing the proper form when rowing? Marilyn asked on February 1, 2024

Please check our blog: https://www.topiom.com/blog/ultimate-guide-rowing-machine-workouts/

admin answered on February 5, 2024 store manager
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What is the the maximum water level you can add for resistance. My model (V2) only has a calibration line, no liter marks. Bruce Nisley asked on January 9, 2024

The calibration line represents the maximum water level for filling. When the water reaches this calibration line, the water tank contains a total of 17 liters of water.

admin answered on January 9, 2024 store manager
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Can you attach a heart rate monitor to the tm3 on this unit? The instructions seem to imply you can but there's no description of how. Michael asked on December 27, 2023

Our TM3 monitor currently supports Bluetooth connectivity with two apps, Fitshow and Kinomap. Unfortunately, it cannot link to heart rate at the moment. We appreciate this feedback, and we are committed to continuously upgrading our monitor's features. We look forward to future updates that will enable connectivity with a broader range of devices. Thank you for your input.

admin answered on January 8, 2024 store manager
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Why does the TM3 controller say I'm only rowing 700 meters in 10 minutes and the older controller that was sent with the rowing machine say I rowed 1500 meters in 10 minutes? Is there some kind of calibration that can be done so that I know it is accurate? Jeff leatherman asked on November 11, 2023

We are sorry for the inconvenience.
The data is displayed in half because a small magnet is missing from the disk of the TM3 monitor.
There is a small magnet in the instruction manual that comes with the TM3 monitor package. You just need to put the magnet into the original disk of the rowing machine and it will work normally.
Have you found the small magnet?
Shown in the attached picture is a picture of the magnet installation and the location of the original disk. Please check it out.
If you cannot find the small magnet, please inform us in a timely manner, and we can arrange to send you a new disk to solve your problem.
Looking forward to your reply.

admin answered on November 13, 2023 store manager
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Weight capacity ? I’m over 400lbs do u have any that support say 440? Daniel asked on October 18, 2023

The maximum weight capacity of our rowing machines is 400 pounds, and the height does not exceed 195cm. If you are the exact weight of this number, you can try placing an order for it. If you encounter any problems while boating, please contact us in time and we will be ready to help you.

admin answered on November 13, 2023 store manager
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