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Topiom V2 Indoor Rowing Machine

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562 reviews for Topiom V2 Indoor Rowing Machine

  1. Hazel M.

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    Decided to invest in this during lockdown for myself and my 15 year old daughter. We both like rowing machines but I wanted one that didnt take up too much room and which wasnt too noisy. We both absolutely love this machine! It was pretty easy to put together, just work methodically through the instructions, took me about an hour. It looks quite stylish, I got the natural one but the main thing is its fantastic to use. The only noise is the sound of the water which is great. I had a problem with the electronic monitor but the company have been great and a replacement sent very quickly with no quibbles. The other really important benefit is that I can easily lift the machine and stand it on its end. I thought it would be heavy and difficult to do this but its no problem at all as the weight is at the bottom end. Absolutely recommend this machine – I use at least 4 times a week, 15-20 mins. Great to use for a warm up as well.

  2. Georgie S.

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    Really good service, very helpful with any questions. The rowers a really good workout and very smooth. Takes a bit of getting used to from if youre used to a concept and the performance measure seems slightly different to a concept. But now prefer the smoothness of the water to the concept.

  3. Kelly B.

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    Love the aesthetic of the rowing machine. Feels robust and good quality. It gives a full body workout and I am really enjoying the flexibility of working out in my own home. The monitor is ok. It can’t link to the current version of Fitshow app but the older version is better. The app says it is due for an upgrade in September so I look forward to that.

  4. Nick B.

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    Awesome, cannot be on it enough. I love the workouts I get on my rower. Easy to assemble and absolutely no difference between other more expensive brands, quality construction and parts. 5 stars all day????Its a winner

  5. Roger W.

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    Performance monitor not as illustrated and damaged. You have advised that you are repalcingb it but I am still waiting!! Also the instructions to the Monitor do not make any sense anh I have requested a comprehensive inatruction email but am still waiting I suspect the the translation into english was done by machaing and it is total nonsense!

  6. Joshua P.

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    After waiting almost 2 months, I finally got my rower and it is great! The reason for the 3 stars is due to the finish of the product. When spending ?600 on a rowing machine that focuses on style, I expected more.

    The most obvious issues are where ends of wood have been covered with what looks like cheap paper wood-effect stickers. I understand some sort of vinyl or plastic is usually used to cover wood-ends, but a friend uses another brand and his is much higher quality and doesn’t look like i put a bit of brown tape over some places. (The most obvious being right above the handles, in eye sight ever time I use it.
    Secondly, there are some scuffs and marks in different places, which I guess occured some time between them making and delivering, but the box was well packaged so it must have happened beforte leaving the warehouse.

    Overall, a great machine but the final finish is a let down.

  7. Lee S.

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    Really good experience, would recommend. Email contact all through ordering and delivery process.
    Build quality of rower is spot on. Any fittings holes are perfectly lined up.
    Machine took about 1/2 hour to build and looks really good.
    Using rower is really good experience, drive is smooth and strong, return is natural.
    After years of using a concept 2 in gyms, I wasnt sure how a water rower would fair and if it would be tough enough. Its come tops on all accounts and I doubt whether I would ever go near a concept 2 rower again.
    I did lots of research in different rowers/companies and really glad i chose Topiom.

  8. Claudiu U.

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    First impression is great, it arrived within the estimated timeframe, and assembling it was fairly straightforward. It is quite similar to the ones they had at the gym I used to go so if it last at least the 5 years it is under warranty I will be a happy customer.

  9. Angus F.

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    Excellent product. Easy to build and great to use

  10. Anne-Marie C.

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    I love this rowing machine ??
    I am not sure if its because I havent rowed since the Coronavirus started or this machine offers more resistance than the ones at the gym, but I love how it makes me really work for each km. The machine is not noisy, so I can row early in the morning, or late at night when the kids are asleep.
    It was easy to set up and its easy to lift it and store in a corner if needed.
    I also need to mention the handlebars. The usual rowing machine like Concept 2 for example, has round bars. Topioms handle is ergonomic, it doesnt hurt the palms of my hands, and if you row every day, this little thing is important.
    I would recommend this machine to anyone interested in a complete workout.
    Oh, and the customer service is absolutely brilliant!

  11. karim b.

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    I normally don’t leave a review on products I buy especially if I am satisfied by I would like to stress that this product is an excellent choice. I also really like the customer services as the team has been super responsive with all my queries. I could not be happier with this choice

  12. Ben

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    Using the rower is a easy way to workout it was delivered quickly and easy to assemble. I chose the 2 week trial before payment. I had a problem with the sensor not reading correctly, customer service was quick to respond and sent me out a replacement monitor. Overall I am happy with the rower and would recommend.

  13. Priscilla R.

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    I am in love. This is the best thing I have ever bought for myself, and the service from Topiom has been second to none. I received my rower in 3 days!!
    Not only am I able to work almost my entire body from the comfort of my own home it is brilliant for my core and pelvic floor. For all mums out there who are looking for a low impact way to improve your pelvic floor this is it!

  14. Alan M.

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    Very pleased. Wasnt sure that the quality would be as good as I hoped, but I have to say it seems to be very well made with all the parts finished to a high standard. I have had the rower a week now and it is an absolute pleasure to use. The only minor negative is the lack of a 500m split time on the new style performance monitor. Overall though I would definitely recommend.

  15. Hannah L.

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    Delivery was super quick and both deliveries arrived on the same day. After working out that a couple of the bolts needed to be taken apart before they could be used in the assembly, putting it together was straightforward. The rowing action is smooth and quiet, I love watching the water swish as I row. My phone connected with the app via Bluetooth without any hassle. I love the look of this rower and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it so far.

  16. David G.

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    Purchased for my partner, just received the rower and used it only a few times, but my partner loves it and therefore I am happy that she is happy.
    Looks great to.

  17. Cal M.

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    Efficient service. Wonderful machine at a very reasonable price. Would thoroughly recommend for experienced rowers or novices.

  18. Andrew H.

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    Fantastic service very happy with my rower Excellent quality

  19. Lorna W.

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    Tidy piece of attractive equipment that stores away nicely and is also a really smooth rower. PDF instructions from the chat team received were easy to follow to out it together. Would recommend!

  20. Tim S.

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    Wonderful water rower – good service and reasonable price.

  21. Eduardo C.

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    We are so used today to check reviews online before buying, that news products have a hard time to get into the market (that is why I am writing my first review ever). I was convinced by the information provided online and decided to buy Topiom’s water rower, and I am very happy with my decision. The price feels right and it totally matches my expectations. Two issues/suggestions: the instructions booklet needs improvement and the foot plates hurt the back of the foot (the three us that used the machine had to place socks between the back of the foot and the plastic foot plates to avoid injury – the plastic is very hard and has an awkward shape and size). Hopefully TOPIOM can make some new plates to replaced these one soon.

  22. Seamus O.

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    Disabled user (only one leg)
    A very good machine, very quite when using it. I Like that I can stand it upright when not in use.
    The best feature this machine has for me is the twin rails the seat travels along giving extra support, it makes the transition on to it from my wheelchair and back again after my work out is over a lot easier and safer.

    Yes I put this machine together myself, it did take a couple of hours but you might expect that. So If I can do it then it cannot be very difficult. The whole thing looks great and a joy to use. . . . James

  23. Graham M.

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    I signed up for the free trial and received the Rower within a few days – two boxes as described, one via UPS one via DPD both arrived within an hour of each other on same day – brilliant ! Machine was built within 30mins, excellent instructions, I cheated and filled reservoir using garden hose. Machine is great to use with good resistance, comfy seat and pleasent noise of water. Ive found the monitor accurate – its not as bright as I would like but its readable and this is a minor niggle. Alice and Annie from customer services kept me up to date at all times and have been very helpful and fast to respond. I have now paid for the machine and having used Topiom I would not hesitate to recommend them. Great value Rower, cheaper and as good as any on the market.

  24. Kathryn u.

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    Very happy with quality and workmanship of parts etc. Love how quiet it is compared to a concept. Easy to park in corner of room, so ideal if you don’t have loads of space.

  25. Paul W.

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    Rower arrived with all parts and instructions present.
    Very happy with the presentation and the build, easy enough to assemble.
    Would definitely recommend to anyone considering a rower, especially as you can try it before committing.

  26. Greg

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    I’ve had the machine now for about a month and initial impressions are great! It looks a very solidly-built piece of kit, similar to what you would expect from much more expensive and better-known brands. The rowing experience is very quiet and super-smooth. The sound of rushing water is an added bonus. Thanks also for great customer service from Alice and team.

  27. Jofi A.

    Image #1 from Jofi A.
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    The Topiom water rower is superb ?? so impressed with the quality workmanship. It was so easy to setup and looks great! Definitely great value and its so cool to row with the sound of water would highly recommend!!

  28. Simon N.

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    Quick hassle free, excellent for a long winter lockdown. Very pleased, order league time 4 days. Not 10 weeks like other websites!

  29. Robert H.

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    easy assembly, solid machine – rudimentary digital monitor with pointless bluetooth link to app

  30. Tony D.

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    First parcel arrived in good time, but Im still awaiting the second package. Issue may be with courier, as I saw a text saying I was not at home, even though I have not left the house for 13 days! Not sure this was for rower, as no package details were provided, and Topiom tracking seems to be pointed at the first package

  31. Peter C.

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    I ordered this rower on the 2 week trial. It arrived within a few days in 2 separate packages about 2 days apart from each other. Its made of sturdy hardwood and looks well built. I assembled it in about 20mins. Im 280lbs and it doesnt move at all when Im rowing. The pull is smooth and its a nice experience with the water swishing around. Its quite quiet too. The monitor functionality is ok. I feel that it could be better thought out though – more in line with for example, how the Concept rower monitor operates.
    The customer service received from Topiom has been first class. Alice in particular providing quick and friendly responses to any queries. I purchased the rower. Ive not been using it for very long but so far its great. A well built bit of kit that is nice to use. If youre looking for a rower I recommend that you give Topiom a try.

  32. Mac M.

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    I’m rowing the Atlantic next year with the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge and needed a rower for home training. At the moment, I need to train in the house as the garage is a work in progress so wasn’t drawn to a Concept as its awkward/noisy/ugly. This can be put up against the wall in the dining room in a heartbeat and it blends in. I then looked at WaterRowers but was taken by the value the Topiom offered when I found it online. Having had a good look at both, there is minimal difference. The only area that could be improved is the computer. It ‘bluetooths’ to my phone through the Fitshow app but doesn’t offer /500m splits. I think the old computer did. Its not a particular drama for me as its more about just putting in the hours and splits are less important – but it should be an easy fix for the Software guys at Topiom to update…? Customer service has been excellent – lots of comms and they’re following my team on Social Media – please do the same! #Elijahsstar on FB, Insta and a website. Overall – very pleased. Nice feel to it, quiet enough that it doesn’t wake the family upstairs when I’m rowing downstairs with the TV on! Great value.

  33. Sarah B.

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    Took a couple of hours to put together , but so happy with the result , smooth and sturdy, love my rower, !!

  34. Steve T.

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    Top quality – love it. At this price point I was nervous but once both boxes arrived ( 5 days apart ) and the rower was assembled I was amazed at the overall build quality. Its a stunning piece of equipment in its own right but more than that its just an amazing piece of home fitness equipment. 10/10 .. Im glad I took a gamble on Topiom

  35. Mark C.

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    Great product, easy to install at a great price.

  36. James C.

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    Like most I was apprehensive in ordering from a brand that wasn’t established in the UK, however after reading multiple reviews I decided to take the plunge and order the walnut version. Price wise it’s considerably cheaper than the same wood style from WaterRower, ?500 to be precise (Walnut WaterRower ?1199), fortunately there is little actual difference between the Topiom and the WaterRower.

    I used to own a WaterRower so can confirm that the Topiom is identical with both it’s fluid rowing action and the quality of wood. The difference between the two is simply the console. The Topiom rower lacks a 500m split time which is on the WaterRower model, this is due to the Topiom not being a true Ergometer. WaterRowers can guage distance in 1 meter, 2m, 3m increments etc whereas the Topiom measures in 6m X increments only. As such, a light stroke on a Topiom is equivalent to a heavy stroke (6m) so not ideal if you’re after accurate performance metrics. In contrast, the WaterRower will measure these accurately. If you can live without this then the Topiom is still far better value, luckily my rowing (on water) days are over.

    Connectivity wise, I’ve been able to connect to both their FitShow App which is very basic but does log workouts through my iPhone XR. I’ve also been able to connect to KinoMap and followed a couple of workouts that way. Please note; when you connect to a bluetooth device/app then this renders the console as blank and can’t register any data.

    Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the Topiom Rower. For what it lacks on the console it more than makes up for it with the fluid motion of the rower. Excellent value and good customer service as I asked several questions from the suppliers before ordering.

  37. Martin B.

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    Excellent customer service and a brilliant product. Really helpful company who let you try before you buy. Although wed agreed the price well before Black Friday, we were still given 15% off once payment was due after trial period. Very pleased indeed.

  38. simon g.

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    This is a great piece of kit. Arrived quickly, in 2 boxes which were well packaged. Good quality, and went together very precisely. I ordered it in Walnut, which goes well with the colour scheme in my house, and I added blue dye to the water for aesthetic reasons.
    I used to row a lot as a youngster, and this feels like the real thing.
    Well pleased.

  39. D V.

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    Looks great, good finish, works just like the American equivalent.
    Suggestions for helpful instructions:
    Step 1 – start charging the pump! (to avoid impatience after construction)
    Mark the foot plate with a front’ and back’ sticker, as I initially installed it back to front.
    Mention that the display requires 4 x AA batteries.
    No info remarks about calibration? I have added water to 16 mark, but not sure what is appropriate…

  40. John H.

    Image #1 from John H.
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    I love it. Very easy to assemble. The rower beats all competitors hands down when it comes to price and having tried some of the top brands, frankly speaking there is no difference. The water noise level is very minimal and very pleasant although I like to row listening to jazz music. If you live in a flat; highly recommend this rower since it is very quiet and requires very little space to store once up-right. Only criticism I have is the fact that the instructions did not point to where the actual filling hole is. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the service I received.
    Thank you.

  41. Caroline L.

    Image #1 from Caroline L.
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    Really nice piece of kit and does not look out of place in the lounge when easily stowed away. Relatively easy to assemble and lovely rowing action / water noise when in use. Thank you!

  42. Gary L.

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    Clearly a solid product that will last a long time. Great fun to use and Im feeling the health benefits already. Found it harder to put together than some other reviews as I think the instructions could be clearer. Also the screen is a bit lacking in functionality versus other rowers at this price. Overall, very happy with my purchase and would recommend.

  43. Rachelle B.

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    Great rowing machine

  44. David M.

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    Good product . Easily assembled. Good customer support and delivery. The machine is a joy to use, a great action without and sharp pull. Yes, I recommend this product.

  45. Toni H.

    Image #1 from Toni H.
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    The rowing machine is well made. All screws, not many, are simply screwed into the frame. Any layperson can do that.
    The support Kora S. from topiom helped me to exchange a part within 7 days. Great service!

  46. Owen S.

    Image #1 from Owen S.
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    Highly recommended rowing machine!
    I’m very new to rowing and wasn’t sure which one to get but once this arrived, I was converted into a daily rower. I chose the walnut colour and it looks great, it’s easy to build and took around 30 minutes to put together. Once built the rower has a solid feel and can be stored upright.
    It came with a water pump which made it very simple to add and remove water.
    Thank you to Alice and Nicole for organising the delivery and support provided

  47. Lynne V.

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    Love the sound of the water

  48. Thomas Schmidt

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    The rowing machine cuts a fine figure at first glance, but on closer inspection you can see how unclean and cheap the processed plastic looks, the wood on my rowing machine has 2 different wood colors. After setting it up and rowing for the first time, the rowing machine makes strange noises, the rollers under the seat do not run clean and are really loud, the cable pull makes strange noises because plastic rubs against each other, the water tank starts to sound strange on the second day . On the whole, it is a cheek to sell the device for € 899 in Germany and in America for $ 699. After consulting customer service, I was offered a € 100 discount for the color difference, I still have no answer to my other emails with videos even though the device looks almost exactly like a WaterRower or a Skandika, all corners and edges have been spared and in no way justifies a price of 899 €. I wonder if the device is completely defective after 1 week if it gives up after only 1 use. I am disappointed and hope I can return the device because I bought it for the 21 day test. Absolutely no purchase recommendation!

  49. James Johnson

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    This indoor rowing machine is fantastic! It’s smooth, quiet, and offers a great full-body workout.

  50. Warren B.

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    Shipment arrived in under 7 business days (UK), although first pack came 3 days earlier than the second. I was very pleased with the packing and was very happy with the quality of the components when unpacking, with everything contained in the two packs including a few extra screws contained in the pack. Assembling the whole rower was pretty easy and straightforwards, with all of the parts fitting together without issues. In operation, the rower is very smooth and works exactly like other such rowers avilable for 2-3 times the cost of this rower. The only minor gripe would be the computer, which is fairly basic with distance, calories, time, strokes per minute etc. A HRM might have been a good add-on but you can achieve this with a watch etc. these days so not end of the world stuff. Overall, I would recommend this rower for it’s quality, operation and looks. A good investment!

  51. Emily Smith

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    The LCD display is easy to read, and the adjustable resistance levels make it perfect for all fitness levels.

  52. Richard M.

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    My boyfriend bought this product, against my knowledge but this machine is heavy and does not fold up. If you want this, you will need to have a significant amount of space to put the machine. We returned the item, thankfully Fed Ex took it an returned to sender.

  53. Markas P.

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    It only goes 6 meters in distance NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU PULL. That¡¯s useless and screams inaccuracy. Doesn¡¯t help me. Seems like that should be stated in the description. This will not help me get ready for my army fitness test.

  54. John B.

    Image #1 from John B.
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    The Topiom team very helpful in keeping me updated on delivery. The Rower is a great machine which I highly recommend it also looks very good

  55. Ruby H.

    Image #1 from Ruby H.
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    Topiom are a fantastic company and the staff are very polite and helpful.
    I am so happy with my water rowing machine. It is very beautiful and a luxury rower , high quality and a pleasure to use as the water sound is so relaxing. An amazing price I really got a fantastic bargain and the best rower I have ever used, better than Concept 2.
    I use my rower everyday and am seeing great results. It is the best thing that I have ever done for myself to purchase this rower. I have other exercise machines at home a Star trac spin bike, cross trainer, gazelle freestyle, total gym and Instant abs machine but the Topiom water rower is the highest quality and best machine to get results fast.
    Dont miss out and purchase this rower.
    I was looking for a rower like this for a very long time but it was out of my reach as too expensive with other companies but not with Topiom who have made my wishes and dreams come true. Thank you so much Topiom I am very grateful. God bless you all.

  56. Ms J J.

    Image #1 from Ms J J.
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    Wow, was really anxious about purchasing from an unknown brand but really glad I did. I ordered on Sunday and it arrived on Thursday and Friday the same week (the company warns it might come in two deliveries). Put it together in 50 mins. It works really well and looks great.

  57. Kristina M.

    Image #1 from Kristina M.
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    Was pretty scared to buy it as they had very few reviews. However I am happy I bought it. The shipment was delayed due COVID-19, but still received it quite fast. Nice size, assembled with my partner, alone could be challenging.
    Haven’t used it much yet, but so far I am very happy with the product.

  58. Laszlo R.

    Image #1 from Laszlo R.
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    Brilliant and good looking 🙂 I think the assembly instruction can be a bit more accurate. Also their no information about how much water you need to fill up the thank. I can tell you now. It is about 12 litres. I love it!!

  59. Haley C.

    Image #1 from Haley C.
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    The machine has already improved my flexibility and my joints..

  60. Mr Leslie D.

    Image #1 from Mr Leslie D.
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    Excellent piece of kit. We tried to book a 2 week trial but were never given access to this so we purchased the unit. Arrived in 2 parts and the driver only dropped off one. The cardboard was damaged so we took pictures and asked the driver to record the facts. He then came back 2 hours later with the other part ! Took 2 of us around 40 minutes to put everything together. Quite easy until it came to putting the water in. The pump system provided was very poor and we ended up using a piece of garden hose which worked perfectly.
    The unit is a joy to use, very smooth and robust. It is aesthetically pleasing and the wife and I are using it daily . We are already up to our target of 30 minutes twice a day each and are really motivated. Only a week in but love it. Highly recommended to any home users. I am well over 100 kilos and it takes my weight effortlessly.

  61. Ravi K.

    Image #1 from Ravi K.
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    I was pretty skeptical before and after I ordered the machine, but it was easy to put together (did it on my own in about 40 mins) and works very well. It’s nice and compact too, and you can just stand it up and tuck it away in corner when you’re done!

  62. David H.

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    A good quality product, easy to assemble. Much better value than the competition . Recommended…

  63. Mrs Pamela L.

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    This is a great rowing machine that is very comfortable to use, with a generous seat moving along double runners. As a larger person I feel secure using it. While it is very strong it also moves easily with the wheels and this doesnt take much effort, it looks great too. Just like the pictures. It does take some putting together as it is delivered in two boxes. These ended up being delivered on separate days and caused me a bit of concern as I expected them together. The second parcel did arrive the following day. The computer on the rower gives plenty of information on your performance as you row. I highly recommend this rower.

  64. Mr R.

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    The rowing machine was running late because it was ordered during the start of the pandemic, so things were running behind and I received a notification from Topiom to

    informing me of this.
    I’m actually new to rowing, (at home) but because of ongoing back problems and being disabled, I thought I’d spend more for a decent rower that’s going to be nice and smooth. Whilst searching for a water rower online, this came up and being considerably cheaper than another make I went for it, and what can I say… A good choice I made.
    Built to high standards this machine is awesome.
    Very smooth to use and also very solidly built.
    I’ve had it about three weeks as I write this and I will say, I’m very pleased so far.
    A pleasure to use.
    A great machine for people looking for a low impact exercise option. Also for pro athletes and rowers.
    Ticks all the boxes

  65. Dorthe S.

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    Magic machine and looks fantastic.
    Also usingnit for triceps and other resistance exercises.
    Love it

  66. Marc H.

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    A great piece of equipment for home fitness, also a lovely looking rowing machine. More importantly it’s great to use, smooth and quiet with only the lovely sound of the water to listen to. Great price too compared to competitive manufacturers of almost identical water rowing machines. Although I’m new to this type of rower I would never go back to other rowing options. Had an issue with the monitor but after great customer service from their team a new updated model was sent out immediately, superb sevice! All in all a great product, many thanks to Topium and good luck as a growing company………

  67. Michael Williams

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    I love the ergonomic design, especially the comfortable handlebar grip. Highly recommend this rowing machine.

  68. gordon l.

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    The best thing I ever did was getting this rower. I’ve used the concept rower at the gym but this gives the same result but also has the soothing effect of the water as I row. The buying process was easy the price just right and delivery was fast considering it was xmas. I thoroughly recommend this machine its especially welcome when the gyms are closed and the weather sometimes prohibits exercise outside. If you are in two minds to buy my advice is go for it!

  69. Jessica Brown

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    Assembly was a breeze, and the sturdy construction gives me confidence in its durability.

  70. Robert Jones

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    The rowing motion feels natural, and the machine’s compact design fits perfectly in my home gym.

  71. Sarah Davis

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    This rowing machine is worth every penny. It’s my go-to for daily workouts, and I’ve seen great results.

  72. John Miller

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    The seat glides smoothly, and the adjustable foot straps keep my feet secure during intense rowing sessions.

  73. Jennifer Anderson

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    The resistance adjustments are easy to use, allowing me to customize my workouts based on my goals.

  74. William Martinez

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    The built-in workout programs add variety to my routine, keeping me motivated and engaged.

  75. Ashley Wilson

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    The machine’s water resistance system provides a realistic rowing experience, mimicking outdoor rowing.

  76. David Taylor

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    I’m impressed with the customer service; they promptly answered my questions and provided helpful guidance.

  77. Amanda Rodriguez

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    The machine’s construction is rock-solid, and I feel stable even during high-intensity rowing workouts.

  78. Richard Thomas

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    This rowing machine has transformed my fitness journey. It’s low-impact yet highly effective.

  79. Elizabeth Martinez